Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 7:00PM
Timothy Hajnady in japan

Warning: i took a lot of photos today. I tried to kill most of the photos, but i liked them all so much. Sota, Miwa, Ari and I head to Kyoto for a few days. Kyoto was freezing and i wasn't wearing much. Stupid me! (Haha but as i type this, i'm actually in Singapore with the Aircon on.)

Ari's parents not happy with her dress.


Ari's parents reccomended me to wear the facemask to avoid getting sick. And my face was freezing.


Soba sake.


TV guys. Ari didn't know who they were. But a few nights ago, very late, we spotted that fuzzy hair guy on TV.


You have to close your eyes, and walk from on stone to the next one further down. If you make it successfully, you will find love (or something like that, i forgot).


This guy.


Sota's temple is behind here.

Meeting up with Miwa and Sota for Okonomiyaki and drinks.

At an English Pub.


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