Friday, February 24, 2012 at 11:49AM
Timothy Hajnady in japan

Last day in Kyoto. We check out some more temples. Seems like I was the only one who was hung over (or was it just Japanese stoicism?).

 *points at everyone* no hangover..........*points at me* HANGOVER

If they approach, pretend to poo, and throw it at them.


This guy. Surprisingly not as creepy..........yet so creepy.


Icy water.


Sushi train.

The most expensive item i could find. 3 grades of burnt fatty tuna. wasn't that good ^___^"

It's magnets!!!


This temple is on the ¥10 coin.


There was a museum, better than the Ando museum i visited the other day, however no photos were allowed. Some of Japan's national treasures are housed inside. The concrete was treated to give a wooden feel. Architect - Akira Kuryu


The view is framed so nicely.


You could barely tell the museum was even there. It integrates with it's surroundings, and is hidden from view most of the time.

This guy has a small coffee shop. He took so much care making the coffee. Also his waffles were delicious. Maybe the best i've had. He also moonlights as a musician. Awesome guy.


Ramen to finish the day. That's the end of the Kyoto trip. Thanks for joining us.

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