Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 6:32PM
Timothy Hajnady in japan

WOAH. 600+ photos to sort through. Took a while, but i managed to get it down to a reasonable number. We went the Osaka KAIYUKAN Aquarium today, one of the biggest in the world they claim. It was very difficult to take photos here, through the thick glass, the reflections, it's very dark and the dolphins move so damn fast, and it was so crowded so you couldn't stay too long in one area. Anyhoooooo, some photos were very rewarding, especially the jellyfish section, also be sure to check out my Jellyfish video in the next post.



Tadao Ando's Suntory Museum (next the aquarium).


Bono Bono





Great barrier reef.

It was really late and we found this bar/restaurant run by one young gentleman. He just cooks the food right infront of you. One of the best pastas i've had (in the Japanese pasta category).

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