Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 1:17AM
Timothy Hajnady in japan

Today we head to Osaka Castle. It had too many holigrams. We also head to the Namba district, and the Alice in Wonderland restaurant, which Ari really loves.

Laksa that i made the night before. Woah i got cravings now.


Can't see these happening in Australia.


Not being Hitler, just exercising


Inside was not what i was expecting. I was looking forward to see some old interiors like at the temples at Kyoto. Instead it was a modern museum with 3D technology and holigrams.







That guy...


Tastes the same. Just more peppery, like Singapore.




The crab was a lot smaller than i imagined.


The ads were massive though.

Alice in Wonderland restaurant. A maid cafe in disguise.

My new Muji clock, to the right. I was wondering why my clock had a signal bar. Turns out Japan has this signal that broadcasts all over the country, that sets the time and date so all clocks are synced. (do we have that?)

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