Monday, March 5, 2012 at 8:41PM
Timothy Hajnady in japan

Katou comes over today. We have some KFC, do some cooking with some Poppin Cookin, and cook something real, Takoyaki.

KFC in Japan has two sizes, small and regular, if you guessed that this was a small you are wrong. 


Poppin Cookin time. It was very hard to find this, we checked every novelty store we could find, Village Vanguard, LoFt, Tokyu Hands etc, turns out they sell at your regular supermarket.

The idea is that you get some powder, add water, mix, and make your own food shaped candy. Check the video here which shows you how cool it is!

Pro karrage.






Electronic price tags at the supermarket. Future?



More Poppin Cookin. This time we make ramen.

Wow, this tasted disgusting, the soup was actually soy soup. wth!


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