Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 3:04PM
Timothy Hajnady in Melbourne

Hello hello, i'm back with a suprise trip to Melbourne. Ari and i booked the tickets and accom a few days in advance, very last minute. I was born in Melbourne, and i had lived there for a small period of my life, but never really visited the CBD. I was never really fond of Victoria, but having visited the city, and living within it for a week, i have to say i've fallen in love.

So follow us through my photos, as i attempt to document our travels for my future reference (and yours maybe!) All photos are geotagged, so hopefully this will allow me to remember that 'tasty restaurant' or that 'cool laneway'. Or if some of these places seem interesting, you can visit them yourself :)


We flew with Tiger. This is the's like a horse shed...

yeah, every now and again im going to chuck on some vintage effects.


Skybus takes you from the airport to the city and can even transfer you to your hotel - $17.


City Edge Apartments

One roomed apartment just on the skirt of the CBD, but no worries, the tram is so close by that one need not worry (or walk).

This particular tram, City Cirlce, loops the CBD and this prerecorded voice tells you about all the landmarks as you pass. Free to ride.


Federation Square


St Paul's Cathedral

Lots of churches in Melbourne, and the one thing that i love about them is the atmosphere that it creates, the space fills your entire body.



Swanston Walk Cafe Bar 


We spotted this little arcade place which was 90% picture club photo booths (purikura), and it was empty, no customers, wonder why?



(Unknown) Cool Looking Bar

...that i'd like to check out next time


(Unkown) Cafe

Stopped off at this little laneway cafe before heading home.

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