Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 5:41PM
Timothy Hajnady in Melbourne

Today we visit Queen Victoria Markets, we take the free shuttle bus to the Shrine of Rememberence, visit some churches and visit the Road of Oil.


Queen Victoria Markets


Shrine of Rememberence 


Cafe Alcaston‎

Nice cafe, seems like a lot of intellectuals come here. Im sure Ari and i fit right in ;)



State Parliament House



St Patrick's Cathedral

This cathedral was a lot better than one we visited yesterday. Less crowded, and had more of a grand atmosphere.

Free City Circle Tram



Unknown Thai Place

We got Tom Yum Soup. Very strong flavour, hmmm...maybe too strong.


Lord of Fries

I had heard that this place was famous for their chips, and they were actually pretty good, like no chips i've had before. Around this area are a lot of junk foody/sweets type shops, and everytime we walk past this strip, the scent of oil can be smelt, and from this, the name 'Road of Oil' was coined.


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