Monday, July 23, 2012 at 5:37PM
Timothy Hajnady in Melbourne

Ari and i head to Coburg, north of Melbourne to get some world famous kebabs, visit an architecture exhibition, visit some arcades and laneways, and get some pho from the restaurant that took my phoginity (sorry for the pho pun)

Myer Centre?


The Kebab Station

These kebabs are the best i've ever had. My family usually buys heaps and takes them back to Queensland cause they are so good. This is must do if you go to Melbourne. For sauces, try hummus, chilli, and garlic.


Yiannis Pantheon Cakes

We stopped off at this greek cafe and got some coffee, tea, and some strange greek deserts.


Architecture Exhibition

We went to some architecture exhibition, but it was pretty lame, they just had the panels stacked and you just had to flip through it. I did learn a few things about panel layout tho.


The Block Arcade

We didn't go here today, but we came back later on, and it was epic, also epicly expensive.


Higgs Bosonless - I regreted this joke instantly



The Centre Place 

One of my favourite laneways


Hosier Lane

These holidays, i've seen lots of friends with photos of this laneway.


Richmond Pho

My earliest memories of eating pho were here when i was a kid. Got hooked pretty young. The place wasn't as good as my childhood memories, but was still pretty good. This place is in Richmond, sorta NE of the CBD, lots of pho places along the street.


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